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Greenock Brewers Barossa Valley is a boutique brewery in the Barossa region of South Australia. Our hallmarks are natural ingredients, tradition and quality. Here at Greenock Brewers Barossa Valley we take beer seriously, producing small batches of pure, traditionally fermented beers, hand-crafted from the best ingredients available. We are serious about tradition too. Using the German Beer Purity Law of 1516 as our model and drawing inspiration from the Barossa's long tradition of quality, we have developed beers of distinction and taste. Greenock Brewers Barossa Valley balances tradition and innovation to create recipes for beers that are pure, unfiltered and full of flavour. Our distinctive beers are available for sale directly from the brewery or from selected bottle shops, hotels, clubs and restaurants in the region (please contact us for details). The brewery is located in the historic old Wheat Store in Greenock, a quiet hamlet on the western slope of the Barossa.

We can offer Brewery Tours (if we're not too busy) and Tastings are available for $6.

We also offer, Barossa Barbecue Meat Platters and Barossa Produce Cheese Platters, to share with friends, both $30 each. Alternatively, for bookings, we also have BBQ facilities if you would like to bring your own meat and cook yourself.
If booking for a function, we can arrange catering.


If you're after something different, we also offer a range of Local Wines, Bubbles and Ciders from the Barossa region.



We brew our German Blonde as a lager (cold with bottom fermenting yeast) using Australian pils and specialty German malts. We use the Noble Czech Aroma hop Saaz. This is Blonde! Nothing to do with carbs. A crisp malt body is balanced with a clean bitterness and mild spiciness.


This is as dumb as our beer gets! 4.7%


Big on its hop aromas and has moderate bitterness. We use Cascade and Amarillo hops with Cascades late in the boil, and also dry hopping in the fermenter. Victorville has a citrus flavour profile with a pronounced grapefruit amd a touch of passionfruit. A prefect cleanser after that big heavy red or heavy real ale.


Victorville is a true session beer. 4.9%


A full-bodied English porter style ale that's as dark as a dog's guts! We use generous amounts of drum roasted barley malt and chocolate malt. These produce the coffee and chocolate characters that balance with mocha and smokey aromas that are not too dominant in the flavour. Nottingham ale yeast is used to retain the true English style. Pride of Ringwood hops are used for mild bittering and subtle aromas. These hops can be described as having a spicy kick with essence of citrus and fruit-like tones, making for a strong yet delectable aroma and flavour.


A great Autumn and Winter beer. 4.7%


A traditional style stout with flavours of roasted coffee, chocolate and licorice. We use a variety of specialty malts to produce a near black colour and dark tan head. Creamy and rich with low carbonation and dry finish. Magnum hops for bitterness and aroma offering a mild spiciness and slight dried fruit flavours. We recommend you drink this stout with a good cigar, thick winter casserole or dark chocolate dessert.


Our strongest offering. 7%


Our Dinner Ale is a light and refreshing English-style bitter, made to commemorate the 150 year anniversary of the Schluter family's involvement in the Greenock Creek Tavern. A flavoursome mid-strength, the latest addition to our portfolio and a tribute to my Grandfather Gerry Schluter, who introduced a Dinner Ale for The Tavern back in the 1960's. A vintage beer style but made for today with light fruity hops and mild bitterness. Easy drinking and the perfect accompaniment to any food. We use the best ingredients, including malt from our neighbour Tom Ryan of Barossa Valley Craft Malt. You can't get much more local than that.


Our Lightest brew. 3.5%

Bunawunda Blonde
Victorville Ale
Greenock Dark Ale
Brunskill Stout
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The Wheat Store, Mill Street

Greenock, SA 5360



Phone: 0488 175 542

             0400 594 656


Friday to Sunday 11am - 7pm, and public holidays 11am - 7pm. Weekday tastings available via appointment.


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